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With the growing knowledge of the phylogenetic relationships among living organisms, it becomes increasingly difficult to track changes in taxonomy. For this reason the Museo de Zoología UCR is making available a Web site for updated zoological lists, “Listas Zoológicas Actualizadas UCR”, which is accessible online. Like our publication, Contribuciones Zoológicas UCR, the goal is to provide lists of species of Mesoamerica, but in the case of “Listas” authors agree to keep their lists updated. If the editor of a particular group of animals learns of taxonomic changes, he or she will enquire whether the author plans to maintain an updated list, or pass along the responsibility to another person. Lists that become out of date (e.g. where the author does not respond) will be removed from the site.

Ideally a list that is kept updated here should have been previously published and reference should be made to the original publication. If there is no prior publication we suggest using “Contribuciones Zoológicas UCR” for the formal publication of the list before you place it on this Web site. Other journals also publish lists of species; see Zootaxa and Check List.

This Web site was developed and is maintained by the Museo de Zoología UCR of the Escuela de Biología, Universidad de Costa Rica, a museum dedicated to furthering our knowledge of biodiversity, especially that of Costa Rica and Mesoamerica.