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Instructions to Authors

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Instructions to Authors


General instructions for preparing a list are the same as those for  “Contribuciones Zoológicas UCR”, with a few minor differences described below.

Since this is an online publication we want the entire list to have an index up to the family level, in order to simply navigate within the site. The list will also be available in PDF format with the active index.

Authors should be presented in the same format as “Contribuciones Zoológicas UCR”; when the page is published the e-mail will not be given, but rather a link to it from the name of the author.

There is no Abstract or Key Words. We suggest that the list be readable in both English and Spanish, and when authors do not have knowledge of one of these languages they can request help from the editor of the taxonomic group.

Online links should be given for bibliographic references that are available online, of journals that are free or have free access to the publication. If you have questions, see Previous Publications.